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Measure     Short Title

HB1020      Professions and occupations; permitting individuals to access physical therapy without certain referral.

HB1378      Schools; Dustin Rhodes and Lindsay Steed CPR Training Act.

HB1384      Parental rights; creating the Parents’ Bill of Rights.

HB1416      Revenue and taxation; relating to the Quality Jobs Program Act; providing for incentive payments to certain proxy establishment.

HB1516      Used Motor Vehicle and Parts Commission; creating the Crusher Act; scrap metal dealers.

HB1794      State employee compensation; findings related to compensation and benefits; inapplicability to certain modifications or implementation related to retirement.

HB2130      Children; relating to termination of parental rights; providing for termination if substantial erosion of relationship exists.

HB2190      Public health and safety; permitting assisted living center to participate in informal dispute resolution panel.

HB2249      Marriage and family; modifying requirements for divorces based on incompatibility; program.

HB2319      Railroads; repealer.

HB2320      Railroads; repealer.

HB2325      Torts; civil immunity during a time of emergency; permitting shelter to be provided.

HB2338      Torts; providing immunity from civil liability during natural disasters and catastrophic events.

HB2342      Criminal procedure; providing procedures for obtaining search warrants by telephone or electronic mail.

HB2343      Civil procedure; providing for the inclusion of certain statements.

HB2344      Labor; Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Act; removing certain fee.

HB2349      Crimes and punishments; increasing fine for certain prohibited act; adding penalty provision for second and subsequent convictions.

HB2353      Crimes and punishment; increasing penalties.

HB2354      Schools; repealer; office of county superintendent of schools.

HB2355      Schools; repealer; teacher minimum salary schedules.

HB2356      Schools; repealer; Oklahoma School Deregulation Committee.

HB2357      Schools; repealer; Virtual Internet School in Oklahoma Network (VISION) Act.

HB2358      Higher education; repealer; Advancement of Hispanic Students in Higher Education Task Force.

HB2359      Higher education; repealer; study to assess services and programs of higher education institutions.

HB2360      Higher education; repealer; Adult Literacy Services Advisory Committee.

HB2361      Cigarette tax; prohibiting the mailing, shipping or delivery of cigarettes to certain persons in this state; prohibiting traders from selling to certain persons.

HB2363      Cigarette tax; modifying bonding and reporting requirements under the Master Settlement Agreement Complementary Act.

HB2366      Civil procedures; creating the Oklahoma Citizens Participation Act.

HB2372      Labor; prohibiting employer from requesting or requiring access to social media account of employees.

HB2374      Professions and occupations; Oklahoma Pharmacy Act; modifying definition.

HB2375      Soldiers and sailors; providing for recodification.

HB2376      Soldiers and sailors; Oklahoma veterans’ home; repealer.

HB2378      Environment and natural resources; eliminating liability for persons conducting certain approved projects.

HB2380      Professions and occupations; Oklahoma Real Estate License Code; modifying education requirement.

HB2387      Motor vehicles; providing exception to certain issuance requirement.

HB2397      State government; modifying various provisions of the State Travel Reimbursement Act.

HB2406      Insurance; changing entities directed to appoint certain board members.

HB2444      Permitting city-county health department to develop Wellness Council.

HB2480      Revenue and taxation; regional economic development and transportation authorities.

HB2486      Prisons and reformatories; providing exemption to certain inmate wage requirement.

HB2488      Motor vehicles; exempting certain license plate from certain fee.

HB2495      Corporations; authorizing certain fire departments to establish fee schedule for services in response to an emergency.

HB2496      Crimes and punishments; adding exception to certain prohibited act.

HB2505      Labor; modifying various provisions of the Employment Security Act of 1980.

HB2509      Revenue and taxation; aerospace engineers; tax credits.

HB2526      Domestic violence; directing peace officers to make certain assessment.

HB2531      Horse Racing Commission; purchase of motor vehicles.

HB2534      Revenue and taxation; Ad Valorem Tax Code; county board of equalization; hearing requirements; affidavits.

HB2541      Sexting; modifying penalties.

HB2554      Professions and occupations; requiring Oklahoma Board of Nursing to develop guidelines for certain nursing education programs.

HB2568      Crimes and punishments; modifying penalty.

HB2571      Schools; providing certain child to be considered as resident of originating school district for school purposes.

HB2576      Elections; notary public restrictions; providing that procedures apply to certain elections.

HB2585      Children; permitting application for emergency hearing in deprived child cases.

HB2586      Department of Human Services; Oklahoma Personnel Act; extending trial period for certain Department employees.

HB2587      Food stamps; food stamp fraud; modifying definition.

HB2589      Public health and safety; making certain substances applicable to the Trafficking in Illegal Drugs Act.

HB2591      Court proceedings; permitting child witnesses to testify accompanied by therapeutic dog.

HB2592      Motor vehicles; modifying documentation requirements.

HB2594      Crimes and punishments; providing alternate form of payment for handgun license applications and renewals.

HB2603      Public health and safety; creating the Medical Treatment Laws Information Act.

HB2604      Adoption; permitting venue where termination proceedings took place.

HB2611      Public retirement systems; Teachers’ Retirement System; regular annual compensation.

HB2614      Crimes and punishments; firearms stored in motor vehicle on school property; deleting certain penalties.

HB2618      Game and fish; providing for a nuisance wildlife control operator permit.

HB2626      Schools; repealing a provision relating to an application for school transfer.

HB2630      Public retirement systems; Retirement Security and Freedom Act; defined contribution system; contributions; procedures.

HB2652      Environment and natural resources; relating to the Oklahoma Refinery Revitalization Act; replacing certain review board with Secretary of Energy and Environment.

HB2656      Oklahoma Employment Security Commission; appropriations; purposes.

HB2665      Public health and safety; relating to the Anti-Drug Diversion Act; authorizing the disclosure of prescription monitoring program information.

HB2666      Public health and safety; adding substances to Schedules I, II and IV.

HB2667      Children; relating to termination of parental rights; modifying listed acts requiring termination.

HB2674      Professions and occupations; relating to the Oklahoma Osteopathic Medicine Act; modifying license requirements.

HB2676      Deleting certain recordings from exclusion of certain definition.

HB2682      Schools; allowing certificates of indebtedness to be purchased through the funding of certain investments.

HB2684      Modifying definitions regarding abortion-inducing drugs.

HB2685      Public health and safety; prohibiting abortion to be performed without voluntary and informed consent of female.

HB2688      Motor Vehicles; intercity motorbuses; repealer.

HB2692      Crimes and punishments; extending grace period for license renewals.

HB2711      Revenue and taxation; relating to the Oklahoma Quality Events Incentive Act; modifying.

HB2774      Jurors; modifying exemption from jury duty.

HB2779      Prisons and reformatories; modifying duties to include establishment of an emergency alert notification system.

HB2791      Professions and occupations; relating to the sanctions for unprofessional conduct by physicians.

HB2810      Revenue and taxation; Ad Valorem Tax Code; valuation adjustments; county assessor; board of tax roll corrections.

HB2831      Mental health; relating to a real property trust; allowing certain tracts to be sold if certain determination is made; proceeds requirements.

HB2837      Patent infringement; prohibiting bad-faith patent infringement claims.

HB2838      Public finance; Oklahoma Security for Local Public Deposits Act; redeposits.

HB2840      Crimes and punishments; clarifying scope of certain prohibited act.

HB2859      Criminal procedure; stating procedures for revocations.

HB2873      Public education; prohibiting public institution of higher education from substantially burdening a student’s exercise of religion.

HB2874      Crimes and punishments; making completion certificates valid for certain period of time.

HB2877      Prisons and reformatories; clarifying requirements for determining daily costs of inmates.

HB2888      Crimes and punishments; modifying certain eligibility requirement.

HB2903      Statutes and reports; local and special laws.

HB2910      Roads and bridges; modifying membership eligibility for Oklahoma Waterways Advisory Board.

HB2912      State government; management of costs of human resources; removing certain reporting requirements.

HB2914      Labor; Making Professional Employer Organization a third-party administrator for failure to register; requiring certain information to be filed; modifying unemployment compensation contributions.

HB2928      Bail bondsmen; modifying bail bondsmen license requirements.

HB2929      Insurance; distribution of claims; requiring funds distributed to the receiver to be utilized for certain purposes.

HB2934      Soldiers and sailors; providing that certain identification will be sufficient evidence for free admission.

HB2951      Counties and county officers; authorizing training for certain persons.

HB2974      Corporation Commission; making not-for-profit mental health and substance abuse facilities eligible to receive certain special universal services.

HB2985      Motor vehicles; creating special license plates; the Jenks Trojans License Plate; the Ronald McDonald House Charities License Plate.

HB2994      Insurance; relating to the State Insurance Commissioner Revolving Fund; providing that certain monies shall not be included in the fund.

HB2998      Open records; requiring certain records to be considered as public records; permitting court to seal a record in certain instance.

HB3012      State government; possession of badges; correctional officers.

HB3016      Prisons and reformatories; sex offenders; modifying certain registration requirement.

HB3018      Memorial highway designations; designating various memorial highways.

HB3024      Cigarette and tobacco taxes; repealing section of the Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Advisory Committee.

HB3050      State government; Long-Range Capital Planning Commission; in-kind transfers involving real property; procedures for liquidation and sale and lease of state-owned property.

HB3055      Roads and bridges; increasing dollar threshold for certain special maintenance projects.

HB3087      Public buildings and public works; Oklahoma Turnpike Authority; increase emergency declaration contract authority.

HB3102      Environment and natural resources; relating to the Oklahoma Used Tire Recycling Act; deleting limit for certain allocations.

HB3134      Public building and works; exempting certain fish and wildlife conservation contracts from bidding requirements of the Public Competitive Bidding Act.

HB3143      Cities and towns; relating taxation of annexed territory; modifying provisions related to applicability of municipal taxation and regulatory ordinances.

HB3159      Criminal procedure; clarifying certain probation requirement.

HB3160      Professions and occupations; providing for the assessment of administrative penalties and temporary or permanent injunctions.

HB3164      Contracts; repealing the Y2K Protection Act.

HB3173      Schools; requiring certain records under the Oklahoma Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Evaluation System to be kept confidential.

HB3184      Professions and occupations; modifying various provisions of the Roofing Contractor Registration Act.

HB3215      County jails; creating the Oklahoma County Jail Improvement Act of 2014.

HB3217      State government; relating to the State Auditor and Inspector; modifying petition audits.

HB3251      Public buildings and public works; Public Competitive Bidding Act of 1974; modifying notice and bids for contract in an emergency.

HB3254      Criminal procedure; providing separate time limitation for answering certain post-conviction relief claims.

HB3276      State government; display of historical documents; authorizing Secretary of State to elect alternate location for preservation of the original State Constitution.

HB3290      State government; repealing the Support Training Results in Valuable Employment (STRIVE) Act.

HB3333      State government; repealing the Oklahoma Education Council.

HB3334      State government; repealing the Southern Growth Policies Agreement.

HB3337      State government; Oklahoma Personnel Act; requiring certain information be provided to certain entities.

HB3343      State government; repealing the Task Force on Electronic Commerce.

HB3348      Wind energy; requiring Aeronautics Commission to promulgate rules regulating the appearance of anemometer towers; establish and maintain database.

HB3350      Career technology; tuition waivers; children of persons killed in the line of duty.

HB3365      Product liability; providing rebuttable presumptions and scope of liability.

HB3375      Discovery; modifying requirements related to discovery methods.

HB3469      Children; creating the Quinten Douglas Wood Act of 2014.

HB3472      Child custody; prohibiting court from awarding custody or guardianship to persons convicted of certain crimes.

HB3473      Children; child death or near death reports; providing statements expressing sympathy by DHS are inadmissible.

HB3475      Foster parents; providing additional right to be given copy of certain liability insurance policy.

HB3496      Crimes and punishments; requiring reporting of trafficking in children.

SB1150       Privilege tax; limiting time period during which tax credits are allowed.

SB1151       Income tax; limiting time period during which credits for reinvestment of profit from film or music project are allowed.

SB1152       Income tax; limiting time period during which credits for certain employer expenses are allowed.

SB1153       Income tax; limiting time period during which credits for expenses relating to child care business are allowed.

SB1170       Income tax; limiting time period during which credits for electronic fund transfer fees are allowed.

SB1182       Child abuse investigations; permitting Department of Human Services to contract with retired peace officers.

SB1183       Public health; requiring Board of Medicolegal Investigations hold annual election of members; Chief Medical Examiner to appoint Deputy Chief Medical Examiner.

SB1218       Public health; relating to peer review information.

SB1226       Privilege tax; limiting time period during which tax credits may be claimed by banking associations and credit unions.

SB1228       Uniform tax procedure; modifying liability for withholding or collection and remittance of taxes.

SB1235       Office of Juvenile Affairs; permitting Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services to access certain records.

SB1244       Revenue and taxation; modifying circumstances under which, and procedures related to, assessment of penalties.

SB1257       Motor vehicles; expanding authorized use of disabled veterans special license plates.

SB1262       Professions and occupations; removing certain requirements for licensure of practical nurses.

SB1278       Criminal Justice; creating the Criminal Justice Pay for Success Revolving Fund; providing for expenditures from fund.

SB1293       Office of Juvenile Affairs; transferring certain licensing standards; removing certain required information.

SB1319       Insurance; modifying various sections.

SB1336       Solid waste; modifying permitting for solid waste disposal sites and vegetation plans.

SB1364       Zone of safety; modifying what a park is; prohibiting certain persons convicted of certain crimes from entering or loitering within 500 feet of a park.

SB1398       Professional counselor qualifications; recognizing foreign qualifications for licensure.

SB1399       Alarm and Locksmith Industry Committee; requiring active employment status.

SB1407       Oklahoma Security Guard and Private Investigator Act; suspension of license; fee remittance.

SB1421       Change of name; prohibiting certain persons from petitioning for a change of name.

SB1431       Sex Offenders Registration Act; adding certain persons and crime to which the act applies.

SB1433       Human trafficking; modifying required service of minimum percentage of sentence; definitions; penalties.

SB1442       Firearms; carrying of firearms by certain attorneys, judges and Attorney General; clarifying training requirement; identification cards.

SB1444       Sex Offenders Registration Act; requiring certain photograph.

SB1448       Vital statistics; designating certain records as public information for certain time periods.

SB1449       Department of Human Services; authorizing contracts with certain facilities for certain services.

SB1450       Nursing homes; requiring facilities to conduct exit conferences for certain violations.

SB1455       Certificates of need; modifying certain requirements for life care communities; removing certain limitations.

SB1456       Public utilities; modifying prohibition relating to recovery of fixed costs from electric customers utilizing distributed generation.

SB1471       Release of a copy of fingerprints; authorizing the OSBI to release a copy of certain fingerprints under certain circumstances.

SB1474       The Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training; modifying title of Director; powers and duties; background investigations; reports; fine; disciplinary action; notice.

SB1497       Attorney fees; authorizing certain suits under the Open Meeting Act.

SB1510       Telecommunications; limiting amount of reimbursement from Oklahoma Lifeline Fund.

SB1511       Public finance; modifying authorization for political subdivisions to make certain investments.

SB1524       Memorial highway designations; designating various memorial highways and bridges.

SB1536       Designated caregivers; permitting hospital patients to designate caregivers; requiring patient consent; requiring certain notices.

SB1538       Human trafficking; adding definition; providing for certain costs; providing for certain civil actions and statute of limitation.

SB1585       Soldiers and Sailors; updating reference to War Veterans Commission.

SB1590       Agriculture; ensuring state control of federal programs regulating and inspecting farm fruit and vegetable production.

SB1602       Tobacco products; furnishing to minors; adding alternative nicotine products and vapor products.

SB1604       Public health; creating Oklahoma Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment and Recovery Plan Act of 2014; revolving fund; providing for treatment.

SB1610       Soldiers and Sailors; relating to War Veterans definition; amending definition.

SB1612       Enforcement of visitation rights; modifying procedures relating to enforcement of visitation rights.

SB1624       Motor vehicles; clarifying qualifications for reduced registration fee for certain military personnel.

SB1636       War Veterans Commission; requiring audits and distribution of audits.

SB1664       Department of Health; increasing certain limit for Oklahoma Dental Loan Repayment Program.

SB1694       Administrative Procedures Act; modifying actions with respect to which higher education institution required to comply.

SB1699       Social workers; modifying definitions; requiring certain additional hours of supervision.

SB1706       Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; providing penalties for certain violations.

SB1720       Probation-parole officers; requiring probation supervision to meet certain minimum standards; setting certain requirements for supervision agencies.

SB1723       Income tax; modifying deduction for members of Armed Forces; deleting contingency relating to deduction.

SB1730       Horsemen’s bookkeeper-records; allowing the cancellation of uncashed disbursements.

SB1737       City and county jails; modifying certain standard.

SB1738       County records; modifying requirement for keeping certain records; deleting certain requirement for disposal of such records.

SB1773       Tourism and Recreation Department Revolving Fund; amending date.

SB1777       Public health; requiring veterans centers to be designated nonsmoking by certain date.

SB1781       Office of Juvenile Affairs; authorizing Office to access certain data and facilities; directing promulgation of rules.

SB1784       Child support arrearages; modifying certain enforcement authority of court.

SB1788       Optometry; providing penalties for unlicensed practice of optometry; authorizing Board of Optometry to enforce certain orders.

SB1789       Optometry; permitting optometrists to issue prescriptions for hydrocodone for certain purposes.

SB1791       Office of Juvenile Affairs; prohibiting certain fees; permitting Office to access certain records.

SB1792       Oklahoma Public Health Code; clarifying language.

SB1793       Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth; providing continuing professional education and training.

SB1799       Corporations; relating to shareholder’s derivative action; expenses.

SB1809       Oklahoma Certified Real Estate Appraisers Act; requiring criminal history records check; providing enforcement of certain criteria.

SB1824       Oklahoma Victims’ Rights Act; modifying definitions.

SB1826       Fireworks; relating to definitions and necessity for certain licenses and unlawful sales.

SB1842       Delayed Sentencing Program for Young Adults; modifying certain definition.

SB1848       Public health; directing Board of Health to establish certain standards; requiring medical screenings prior to abortion; penalties.

SB1851       Agriculture; authorizing the Department of Agriculture to inspect and license farmer’s markets in Oklahoma and Tulsa Counties.

SB1853       Ambulatory surgical centers; clarifying language.

SB1858       Municipal employees; offering health insurance to retired employees.

SB1866       Motor vehicles; creating special license plates for 1-179th Infantry and 2-179th Infantry; Frederick Bombers; providing qualifications for, and design of, special plate.

SB1874       Insurance; Long-Term Care Partnership Program; directing Oklahoma Health Care Authority to make available policy riders.

SB1875       Expungement of records; modifying requirements for sealing of certain records.

SB1884       Agriculture; modifying the Oklahoma Combined Pesticide Law.

SB1899       Cemeteries; authorizing municipalities to permit burial places in certain locations.

SB1900       Office of Juvenile Affairs; requiring referrals to law enforcement agencies for abuse of certain children.

SB1904       Family Wealth Preservation Act; modifying requirements for certain trusts.

SB1905       Medical liability actions; prohibiting admissibility of certain action.

SB1923       Service Warranty Act; adding definitions; references; applicability under the Vehicle Protection Product Act.

SB1929       Oklahoma Cosmetology and Barbering Act; hybrid-learning programs; reciprocity; fees.

SB1937       Foster children; requiring Department of Human Services to furnish credit report for certain children.

SB1941       Deferred deposit lending; clarifying when transaction is complete.

SB1964       Governor’s cabinet; repealing the Executive Environmental Subcommittee of the Governor’s Cabinet.

SB1970       Soldiers and Sailors; War Veterans Commission; updating language; changing membership requirements.

SB1979       Public finance; providing for deposits from certain fund; creating J.M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum Endowment Fund.

SB1980       Public finance; requires specified content for website related to Taxpayer Transparency Act.

SB1993       Child support; modifying procedures for establishing support; modifying requirements for certain notice.

SB2018       Insurance; limited lines producers; modifying coverage requirements. Effective date

SB2025       Insurance; premium reserve for domestic title insurers; rates.

SB2026       Insurance; interlocal entities.

SB2045       Insurance; standard valuation law; standard nonforfeiture law; principle based valuation. Effective date

SB2046       Domestic abuse; making certain second or subsequent convictions of certain violations subject to certain other provisions of law.

SB2057       Agency Consolidation Act of 2014; Advantage Waiver and Developmental Disability Services Rate Review Committee.

SB2058       Agency Consolidation Act of 2014; Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Advisory Committee.

SB2078       Authorized disclosure of confidential information; modifying entities to whom certain information may be disclosed.

SB2088       Children; relating to recognition of interests and child placement proceedings; preparation of reports.

SB2098       Motor vehicles; towing vehicles and wrecker liability; making certain persons exempt from liability; release of certain personal property; removal of interlock devices.

SB2120       Public Employee Retirement System; relating to eligibility for persons licensed by Department of Rehabilitation Services to participate in retirement system.

SB2140       Criminal procedure; expungement of criminal records; modifying certain qualifications.

SB387         Motor vehicles; relating to license violations; establishing procedures for fair compensation.

SB582         Service liens on personal property; modifying certain notice and procedural requirements.

SB72            Crimes against animals; modifying certain prohibited acts, penalties and exceptions relating to acts against police dogs and horses.

SB862         Gold and silver coins; establishing gold and silver coins as legal tender; modifying qualifications relating to exemption.

SB989         Bogus checks; modifying definition.

SB991         Insurance; prohibiting stacking of certain insurance policies.