• We want to hear what you have to say.
  • We want to know who you are.
  • We are particularly interested if you are our constituent.

These are all very true statements. We mean them sincerely.

Another very true statement is that we get thousands of emails. Here’s how to email us efficiently.

Use this link to Find your Legislator. There’s nothing wrong with emailing all the legislators, but your legislator is the one who can help you with legislation, constituent concerns, etc. If he/she is not the person who can help you, they will direct you to someone who can.

Fill in the Subject line with a brief description of your concern. It’s the “title” of your email – good Subject lines help us to file the email for future reference.

Please give your name and address. This will tell us whether or not you are our constituent. If you are not our constituent, your name and address can help us direct your email to the proper recipient for best response.

If you wish only to tell us your viewpoint on a matter, that’s great. Fill the email with your concerns. We read them. 

If you have a question that requires an answer, please ask the question obviously. Perhaps you could put the question in a separate paragraph, or bold it.

If you would like our help with an issue, first give us the details, attaching all pertinent information. If you have names and contact information of related people, be sure to include that. If you want us to contact you, make that clear … and include a valid phone number/email address. If there is something specific that you are requesting our office to do … we’d love to hear it.