The question I am asked most often about OpenBooks is how to research payrolls for state agencies … so, okay. Let’s get started.

First of all, you gotta really MEAN this search, baby. Because if you use the wrong browser … or even just the wrong version … it’s very, very frustrating.

The fastest, easiest way is to use Firefox as your browser in this instance and go to
From the top menu, click on the link that says “Search Open Books.”
Select “Payroll details for current and prior calendar year.”

If you’re using Internet Explorer, wait FOREVER for it to load. Seriously. It takes a really long time.

Select the “Payroll Detail” tab up at the very top — it’s a little difficult to spot. If you miss this step, you will not find what you’re looking for.
Select the Year and Month.

Make whatever selections you like with the drop down menus — I usually just go straight to “Agency Name”.

The Agency Name for the House of Representatives is “OK. House of Representatives,” while the Senate is called “Oklahoma State Senate.” They are both in “General Government.”

If you want to find what EVERYONE makes all at once … leave the “Last Name, Initials” drop down menu EMPTY … and click “Apply.”

Be sure to read the agency list carefully as they are listed in different ways (eg. OK. House of Representatives, Oklahoma State Senate, etc.)
Choosing Function Government is not necessary; but may speed your search.
Omitting a last name will bring up an alphabetical list of all employees.