Our offices receive thousands of invitations. We receive them in person, by phone, e-mail, letter and card.

The perfect invitation is easy for us to read … easy to print … and easy to file. The fewer the distractions, the better.

  • Tell us who you are (business name) and give us the name/purpose for your event.
  • Give us a place, a date and a time – plus a contact person.
  • Inform us if you require an rsvp and give us a way to do that. Personally, I prefer to e-mail rsvp’s because that gives our office a digitally searchable, written record of our communication to you. If you send an e-mail invitation, a simple reply to the e-mail sender is easiest for us.

We don’t mind a hospitable and welcoming follow up communication if you don’t receive an rsvp by the time you require one, but please have the date ready when you call, because that is how we will search our calendars.

Did we mention that we receive thousands of invitations? Send yours early enough for us to plan. Especially during session, if we receive your invitation on the day of the event, it is very likely that our office has already made commitments.

The Perfect Invitation